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Recognizing that families have differing abilities to pay, Lake Louise uses a voluntary tiered pricing structure. This pricing does not influence the quality of the camp experience, but it does help Lake Louise continue to provide excellent programs, staffing, and facilities to everyone that attends their camps.


Tier A ($447) is a subsidized rate that helps keep camp affordable for as many families as possible.


Tier B ($496) is the direct cost of a camp and covers the specific expenses incurred during a camper’s week including food, housing, summer staff, and program materials.


Tier C ($545) is the true cost of camp that allows for the long-term sustainability and facility program improvements.


If additional funds are needed in order to make the camp experience a possibility, reach out to your local church and the Lake Louise office.

Lack of funding is never a reason to not send your kid to camp! We will figure it out! Check out the discount options below or send us a message if you need some additional guidance. We are happy to help!

Campers enjoying some free time in the sun!

Click the button below to take you to the Lake Louise Parent Resource Center which includes information on the following: 

Discount Form

Health Form

Additional Health Center Information

What to Bring to Camp List

Frequently Asked Questions


If you need additional information or assistance, please contact Lake Louise at:


Available Discounts / Promotions

Early Bird Discount: Register your camper by March 31st to receive $25 off!

New Camper: Receive $25 off if it's your first time attending camp!

Family Member: Family member of someone else attending camp? Receive $25 off! First family member pays the full rate.

Bring a friend!: Receive $25 off for *every new camper you bring with you to camp!

Lake Louise Cottager: Immediate family members of Lake Louise Cottagers receive $25 off!

* Each camper may receive up to $75.00 in discounts from the above promotions. If more assistance is needed, please reach send us a message. 

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